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What We do

What We Do



— Devi

We believe women in a family play the most important role in its transformation. They not just take care of everyone but are also responsible for developing the value system in children and ensure that we have better citizens.We at H4H run the Devi project where we identify and help women from underprivileged families by teaching them skills


— Durga

Life is the best teacher and its favorite methods of teaching are experience and events. One of our volunteers stopped by an egg stall and saw a young girl washing utensils while her brother was making eggs. The volunteer asked them both about why they are not studying, and the boy told that his father is paralyzed, and his mother cleans utensils in some houses nearby.


— Ashray

H4H team works towards the relief and rescue of people in need, especially our elders. We support many initiatives including rehabilitation of elders and help mentally & physically challenged and socially disowned to get better quality of life. We support them with medical care, which includes both medicines and doctors while our volunteers spend time and provide much required…


— Winter drives

Each year North India experiences harsh winters for almost 3 months where hundreds of people die due to near-zero temperature. Unfortunately, about 70% of people losing life each year are mostly young children and older people. 


— Summers

Delhi summers can be as bad as winters with temperatures reaching as high as 50 degrees. We refill empty mineral water bottles used across offices and then cool them at the same location. At the end of the day, we give these bottles and biscuit….


— School Chale Hum

H4H team believes that either we can feed a person and keep doing that daily or teach a person and make them capable for the rest of their life. We identify villages in Delhi/ NCR which are struggling from poverty and illiteracy and establish or support schools….


— Breathe India

We have been getting multiple calls for help as people are trying to arrange oxygen cylinders, trying to refill them, oxygen concentrator and all efforts are going in vain. Recently we also lost many of our family members to a shortage of oxygen which left us in grief. But we don’t want to accept this as a reality and many people we spoke to offered to help fight this situation rather than expressing sympathy.

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