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Project Devi


Devi: We believe women in a family play most important role in its transformation. They not just take care of everyone but are also responsible for developing the value system in children and ensure that we have better citizens. We at H4H run Devi project where we identify and help women from underprivileged families by teaching them skills that are in high demand for employment and make them financially independent. We identify interest areas of these women and accordingly help them achieve their potential through carefully training process. In this entire process, we also get in situations where very capable women are forced to live within the boundaries of their house and not allowed to go out to work. We meet such families and explain them how these trainings will help entire family as some of the skills that are in high demand and earning can move entire family out of poverty and make their future better. Some of the key training are around:

  1. Cook: We not just teach them basics of Indian cuisines but also other food items in high demand. These cooks can make dal makhni but also bake you a pizza and even make salads when you are on diet. Additional skills help these women from underprivileged families to earn more than normal monthly salaries in the market and able to live a respectful live.
  2. Elderly care: In recent years demand for elderly care has gone up across NCR region. Families are looking for reliable care-takers who can understand the problems of elders and help them live well through assisted-living. We in no way train nurses and these care-takers are trained to help elderly family member with basic activities like eating, walking, exercise and maintain hygiene. In these cases, our trained women also get to opt on how many days a week they want to work and can earn from Rs.800-1,200 per day for 12 hours.
  3. Primary teachers especially for NGO run schools: In association with teachers and principals from various schools across NCR, we identify women living in urban villages who have some educational background then then train them to be able to become quality primary teachers especially focused on NGO and Charity run schools.