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1. Learning Stars School:

Currently we are focused on developing a school in an urban village in Gurgaon which is surrounded by some of the major landmarks of the city but unfortunately stuck with almost zero percent literacy. As part of our aim to correct social evils, we at Human For Human do regular surveys across NCR and pick a project that needs most urgent attention. During one such survey in May-June 2016 we can we came across Indra Colony which is an urban village in Gurgaon. This place not just has very low level of education but also heart touching violation of basic human rights. Cases we came across are:

Girls as young as 3 years are forced to work in kitchen and not allowed to study.
We came across children who are locked for entire day in a small dark room as family goes to work and earn daily wage. Such kids were mentally disturbed and highly abusive in nature. Most of these kids are in the age group of 3-4 years when their divine innocence usually win hearts while here they only scream in fear.
Cases of children being exploited, as parents leave them alone to go to work.
Discipline was a major issue and children spent time playing in mud, which also causes health issues. Kids who are as old as 10 years have also never been to school.

Finally in November 2016, we started this school with 20 kids which by January 2017 had 50 kids, after a lot of effort went to convince parents to send kids to school especially girl child. In many cases our volunteers were abused and questioned but finally we have been able to win trust and getting more and more admissions.

Address for the school is: Plot no. 211p, 1st Floor, Indra Colony Part 1, Sector 52, Near Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

2. Identifying and sponsoring bright students from under privileged back-grounds: Since 2015, we have been actively identifying students who are bright and have a zeal towards studies but are about to drop-out of education due to financial issues. We do a detailed back-ground check which also includes surprise visits to places they live and have studied in the past and only after that help them to continue studies. We do not pay any money to the students but by getting them admission in colleges. Our volunteers personally go and meet the candidate, family and people in college and once selected we directly deposit fees of the course with the college and follow performance on regular intervals.

3. Winter drives where we collect clothes with the help of our volunteers and various corporates and distribute the same to homeless people in NCR region. We are careful to whom the clothes are going and will enquire about places we plan to have distribution drives. For example in some areas of Delhi most of the donations given to poor get sold for half price and proceeds are used for alcohol and drugs. In many places people live on the streets all through the day and collect such donations to sell and in night they go back to their respective homes and to counter that we at Human for Human start our drives only after 11pm or 12am so that only genuine people who need help are there. Since 2014 we have covered thousands of people and in few cases we even go back to check if things we have given are being used.

4. Project Hunger: This project has two parts, first one is about involving more and more caterers and restaurants who help us feed places like old-age homes where food is a problem and are under-funded. In second part we contact various Residential Welfare teams of Societies and Sectors and collect food from houses which is then given to people living on the road sides and who are mostly disabled and can’t work.

5. Project Survival: Many places in NCR including slums and old age homes have people who still die due to things as small as viral and suffer in pain due to injuries or age related issues as they can’t afford pain killers or other medication. Getting treated in Civil Hospitals is difficult as doctors in many cases take it easy and come and leave at will, while there are thousands waiting to be treated and even emergency cases do not get attention, this is in addition to less than required number of doctors and non-functional facilities. We try to contact doctors and private hospitals who sometimes adopt such places and treat people at low costs or even for free.

6. Project Devi: We identify women with home-work related skills like cooking and cleaning. Our volunteers then train them to enhance such skills and help them get placed as maids. This is one of the most successful project which always attracts high demand due to busy city lives of people and its based out in Vasant Kunj, Delhi.

7. Summer drives are focused on distributing food and mostly liquid to people on the roads. We motivate people to carry chilled water in their cars and give it to people who they think need it the most. In a few cases people who got these chilled water bottles even got emotional and told us that it was after years that they are drinking cold water. In most of the cases people on the roads do not have water and many summer related deaths are due to dehydration and our program is to focus on that.

8. Clean India Drive — We are driving various initiatives to clean various areas which is with the help of locals from societies and volunteers. We also plant trees at places which were used as garbage dump.