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Learning Stars School

Currently we are focused on developing a school in an urban village in Gurgaon which is surrounded by some of the major landmarks of the city but unfortunately stuck with almost zero percent literacy. As part of our aim to correct social evils, we at Human For Human do regular surveys across NCR and pick a project that needs most urgent attention. During one such survey in May-June 2016 we can we came across Indra Colony which is an urban village in Gurgaon. This place not just has very low level of education but also heart touching violation of basic human rights. Cases we came across are:

1. Girls as young as 3 years are forced to work in kitchen and not allowed to study

2. We can across children who are locked for entire day in a small dark room as family goes to work and earn daily wage. Such kids were mentally disturbed and highly abusive in nature. Most of these kids are in the age group of 3-4 years when their divine innocence usually win hearts while here they only scream in fear

3. Cases of children being exploited, as parents leave them alone to go to work

4. Discipline was a major issue and children spent time playing in mud, which also causes health issues. Kids who are as old as 10 years have also never been to school

Finally in November 2016, we started this school with 20 kids which by January 2017 had 50 kids, after a lot of effort went to convince parents to send kids to school especially girl child. In many cases our volunteers were abused and questioned but finally we have been able to win trust and getting more and more admissions.

Address for the school is: Plot no. 211p, 1st Floor, Indra Colony Part 1, Sector 52, Near Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon