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Human for Human is a drive to help people who cannot help themselves and aim to bring change to the society we call our own.We watch many things around us and discuss it, but now it’s time for us to join hands and act for betterment of the society which we call “Ours” and this is what we call Human for Human. It is a drive which is run by citizens like you and me and not affiliated to a company or a political party and is working towards bringing in change everywhere around us.

With the intention of helping out people who are not helped or covered by various social schemes and are only left out to die, we started this citizen movement during peak winters of November 2014, where our first was to collect things like warm clothes, foot wears, toys and food packets etc. to distribute to people who are living on the roads. We are very careful with where these donations are going and study the areas where we want to help. We studied many areas across NCR and carefully scanned places which need real help and do not cover areas infected by begging cartels or drugs. This list includes places like AIIMS where people from across India come for treatment and stay on the roads for months to come and further ill-treatment by people and authorities.

We also help some underfunded and genuine organisations:

1. Orphanages: these kids have no home in life and many we meet do not even want to live long as they have lost all hopes. We raise things likes medical beds, toys, money to fund monthly rations and medicines along with volunteers to spend time with them

2. Charity schools: Some citizens are running small schools, majorly for street children whose parents are working as labor and they are left back to play in dirt. The give them a future we collect stationery, old books, note books, biscuits and clothes

3. Old age homes: majorly for mentally challenged and handicapped old people rescued from roads or left by families. Here people are mentally sick, old and handicapped and in the worst case all three who are need even capable to eat themselves. Here you can meet ex-army men, NRIs, pilot, IIM A pass-out who are now living on donations and struggling for next meals.

We run weekend drives, where we go to some shelter homes in need. These drives are majorly during the day time and we help them not just with clothes and food but also by spending time with them and bringing a rare smile on their faces.

We are able to help just because people like you help us by providing food packets, warm clothes (in good condition) and most importantly volunteer for the drives.

While you are reading this there is an old person who needs a cataract operation or someone who spent life with integrity is forced to beg for food as he or she was thrown out by the family he raised or a bright kid is playing with mud as he parents work on risky construction sites. We are working towards giving them a future and Human for Human stands for collecting from people who have in excess and providing to those who have nothing (not even hope). Please come forward and join us in this effort of brining change.

Many of these people are not covered by the social schemes of the Government as they lack basic documents nor are the part of NGO drives as they are not stationery and not part of the areas these NGOs are catering to. Here we asked ourselves a question… ‘if they do not have documents, does this deprive them of basic right to live’ and we started working.


Key Volunteers


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